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Monday, May 11, 2009

Bola Sepak Kampung

Goodbye Abg Sham..

This was a farewell cake made for my hubby colleague at work. He's joining a new company and therefore ofismate2 pn bekerjasama menjayakan farewell party utk Abg Sham. As u can see, it's a soccer carrot cake, sbb Abg Sham ni tersgtlah minat main bola sepak..hehehe

To Abg Sham, semoga happy bekerja di tempat baru..di doakan murah rezeki sentiasa! :D

Green Theme Hantaran

This was a last minute order from a friend of mine, utk dijadikan kek hantaran pertunangan..tema hijau. He insisted to have moist chocolate cake with cheese icing for the cake..so inilah hasilnya..(less than 24 hours pya order tau! :D)
tp Yuyu tetap bertungkus lumus buat yg terbaik..thanks n CONGRATULATION to Mada n Shida!!

Cheezylicious Pound Cake (Butter Cheese Cake)

Al-kisah..kek ni sbnye buat utk my sister-in-law yg tgh pregnant 3 bulan..(mengidam la katakan)..tp
belum sempat nk deco kek ni..semua dh serbu dulu..habis half of the cake!! But i took the initiative utk deco jgk pound cake ni..with chocolate topping yg yummy..

This is another type of cheesecake that has a mixture of butter n flour in it. But still, it's soooooo delicious..u must try!!
Yuyu buat kek ni malam, n..surprisingly bangun2 je pagi esok..dh habis terus!! Thanks to my brothers la for that :D hehehe..

View bahagian kek yg masih terselamat..hihihi

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cool Award From Ms Narina..cewahhhh!!

Sungguh x disangka..x jadi artis pn blh dpt award..hehehe..thanks to Aida kerana me-recognize blog BMC..still got a lot to improve :)..im on my way..n more cakes to come!! all specially for my dear customers, blog readers, friends, n everyone lah..thanks a zillion for all ur support n kerajinan melawat blog Yuyu..love!!

The rules are (copied from Aida):

Letakkan logo award ini di blog anda. (Done!)

Anugerahkan award ini kepada 10 Blog yang anda anggap paling berinspirasi dan sangat mesra.
Drum roll pleaseeee..n the award goes to:

1. The Purest and Simplest Deepest Thoughts (Ms Aida)
2. Salty Sweet Spices (Ms Comel-lote-Anne..hehehe)
3. She Has Her Own Story (Ms Hanida Lavida Loca..pandai2 je tmbah nama :P)
4. Hanis Zalikha..a creative gal
5. Mama Azlina (si ibu yg loving loving)
6. Silly happy Crazy (Ms Lea Meera)
7. This Is So Fashion (Ms Aida)
8. Fashion Forward (Ms Aida lagi!!) :)
9. Model 80an (Ms Nani Rostam)
10. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah (Ms Vimmia Yasmin)

Congratlulation!! Muakkss!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mother's Day Special

Hello everyone!!! Mother's Day is around the corner...for a change, y don't u make ur mom happy by giving her a special Mother's Day cake that has her picture on the cake..isn't that lovely??
Other ideas are also welcomed..Make her day by treating her with BMC delicious n beautiful cakes! It's sooo easy to melt ur mom's heart..just put ur order now :)

* For maximum satisfaction, edible cake (pictures) order must be placed by 4th May...email me!!

Edible "High School Musical" Cake

This cake was ordered by dear Kak Ross and Kak Iza for K.Iza's daughter birthday.. The 7-year-old girl loves HSM soooooo much! that she insisted to have her favorite characters on her cake. It's a moist chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese icing...deco was made from buttercream, fondants, and of course the HSM edible. I had so much fun gathering up ideas to make the cake interesting for the birthday girl...Hope the cake made ur day! :D

Heavenly Carrot Cake

Proudly presenting...one of my bestseller: Heavenly Carrot Cake...made from grated carrots n walnuts, served with yummy BMC cream cheese icing..i tell you my frens..u got to sit when u have it!! :D

It's delicious and nutritious...funky and suspicious..lazat menjilat jari!