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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Butter Cream Icing, Fondant and Little Barbie Cake

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Cute Little Barbie

Sweet Pink & Blue

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Island of Pink & Blue

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Hello Everyone :D

I'm Yuyu..ever wish that u cld munch in a cake that is sooooooo delicious n all that u can thnk of is to have more of it??? Now is the chance for all cakes n cupcakes lovers out there!! YOU can indulge yourself with my lovely n most importantly delicious creation in Be My Cupcake House (BMC).

U must try my signature icing : Surprise Cheese Icing..it's sooo yummy yummy :D n finger licking good! All cakes are complimented with this Surprise Cheese Icing n otr types of icing are also available upon requests.

Variety of designs are available: Doll Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Superhero Kids Birthday Cakes, Imprinted Cakes, 3D Cakes, Wedding n Engagement Cakes, Personalized Designs n anythg u wish for..u name it, BMC will definitely make it a dream come true for u ;)

Popular n delicious flavors are:
  1. BMC Moist Chocolate Cake
  2. BMC Strawberry Heaven
  3. BMC Carrot Cake
  4. BMC Italian Cream Cake
  5. BMC Mocha Temptation
  6. BMC Cheeeezy Butter Cake
  7. BMC Pure Cheese Cake
  8. BMC Chocolate Cake with Cheese
  9. BMC Red Velvet Cake
  10. BMC Peanut Butter Paradise
  11. BMC Raspberry Chocolate Cake
*more Surprise flavors coming very soon..Tungguuuuuuuu :)